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Business Meeting

7 Mistakes of
Relationship Bankers


Have you missed a sale by 1%? Did you ever feel that you had the sale in the bag, before you discovered the bag had a hole in it?


Over the course of 23 years, I incorporated simple techniques to avoid making mistakes common to relationship bankers. Developing this method I was able to close Credit Card Sales, HELOC’S (Home Equity Line of Credit) and Wealth Management Referrals.

Incorporating humor led to an increase of 19 % additional closed sales and 8 % more referrals.

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills


Have you ever felt that hiding in a broom closet would be preferable to giving a eulogy? Public speaking is listed as America’s number one fear.  Even if you find yourself overcome by “butterflies in your stomach” I can help guide you to make the butterflies fly in formation.


Effective preparation leads to less perspiration!


Through visualization, practice, and giving those butterflies a roadmap, your audiences will respond to your persuasive message.

Business Presentation
Screen Shot 2021-06-16 at 6.38.21 PM.png

Job Interviewing


Have you been afraid to apply for your dream job? Have you been skipped over for a job promotion you know you deserved? Ouch!

I know how painful this is, because I was once there myself.


Let us put a stop to this madness. Come with me on a journey. You design your dream job, dress for success and deliver a presentation that lands you the job you deserve.

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